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Sort Of…Films use visual storytelling to drive meaningful connections and conversations.

We do this by prioritising coherent, authentic voices and stories in our films, videos and documentaries.

We want to help make films matter.

Sort Of…Films is a film and video service provider. We work towards and specialise in long-term client relationships which often involve translating diverse, often complex ideas (such as academic research, institutional policies or sensitive case stories) into coherent and impactful films for either niche or broad audiences, depending on need.

The main focus of our work is the co-creation of compelling short films, utilising a range of documentary filmmaking and storytelling techniques. However, we also offer a complete package of peripheral or sometimes stand-alone services including strategy and consultancy, stills photography, aerial/drone footage, animation and motion graphics, video archive production and management, event-related services (including videography), copywriting, subtitling and media and video production training.


Making films matter’ means interrogating the brief, researching the audience, analysing the competition and asking searching questions about the story that every client needs to tell, the messaging that they need to land and the values at the heart of the organisation and project. We do this because we want to help you to optimise reach and impact.

This diagram shows that when a film combines and balances a representation of the core values of an organisation, a specific and actionable message and an engaging story, the desired impact is more likely to be attained.

About Ed Cartledge (MA, BA)

Managing Director and Principal Filmmaker

I’m holding a ‘proper’ camera for the first time and my stomach is in knots. I’m 4 years old and the camera is my dad’s Olympus SLR. I haven’t been given the necessary permissions. The smell of its leather case is weirdly intoxicating and the jolt of electricity that shoots through me when I accidentally release the shutter is an early sign of my physiological need to create images. I’m dissatisfied with the prints. I learn about exposure.


Later, aged 14, I’m about to call ‘action’ for the first time. A ‘crew’ of three have excitedly conceived and choreographed a comedic ‘fight scene’ to be filmed by me on the unwanted handycam of a family friend. A mini-masterpiece of visual storytelling, edited entirely ‘in-camera’ by shooting in sequence, ‘The Fight’ (as it is imaginatively titled) will of course soon be lost to the mists of 1990s standard definition VHS. I will forever hold it dear but know it could have been better with a bit more time in storyboarding.

Flash forward to higher education (specifically, The University of Sheffield) and my obsession with the moving image shows no signs of abating. I become the Creative Director of the Filmmaking Society, making countless, increasingly elaborate short films with varying degrees of pretentiousness and finding lifelong friends, several of whom I continue to work with to this day.

Those circles evolve and broaden following my graduation from Sheffield’s School of English with a Masters Degree in Film and Narrative Theory.

I co-found The South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network, graduate from the renowned Arista Story Editors and European Audiovisual Entrepreneur Network (EAVE) residentials and following training in business management, create Sort Of…Films Ltd. It’s 2003.

During the subsequent, formative years of the business, I also work as a freelancer in a variety of capacities for other production companies, a screenwriter, a musician and a lecturer in film studies. These sub plots will all help to inform the central narrative as Sort Of…Films progresses from a bunch of mates making films together to a dynamic and respected agency.

Dr Anna Jorgensen - department of landscape

Now, with so many years of operation, stories to tell and films under my belt, I occasionally ask myself why. Why do I want to continue offering my services as a filmmaker to organisations which aim to have a positive impact on people, society and the planet? Firstly, because I know that I have the knowledge and experience to help those organisations to make their project matter. Secondly, because that curious 4 year old and that excitable 14 year old and that ambitious student are all still here and they all keep telling me that there’s still room to get better…