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How can video productions go ahead in the context of Coronavirus?

Statement by Ed Cartledge (Managing Director and Principal Filmmaker). 

I take the health and safety of all of our crews, casts and contributors extremely seriously, as well as that of the wider community in which we operate.

Since the UK lockdown began in late March, we have been considering what measures would need to be in place under different government guidelines or lockdown statuses in order to offer our clients a service which is both comparable to that which they’ve come to expect from us in terms of quality and as safe as possible for all concerned.

I have been keeping track of government guidelines for safe workplaces and working practices and have appreciated the extensive guidance and suggestions provided by organisations such as the APA and BECTU.

I have also now completed the Safe Sets International Covid-19 Certificate (Level A) and have included the certificate below. This is a scientifically-backed certification process for anyone working in the film, TV and video production industries.

How can video productions go ahead in the context of Coronavirus?

Going forward, all projects will include clear discussion of covid-19 related protocols from kick off. These will be updated according with government and industry guidance and we can also work within workplace h&s guidelines that may be specific to your organisation.

Although not a comprehensive list of the protocols we are employing or considering, some examples of the ways in which we can help to minimise the spread and continue to produce content are as follows:

  • remote working whenever possible (such as kick off meetings)
  • single person crew (director/camera operator working alone alongside the client and/or contributor)
  • clean clothes worn to every shoot, removed and washed following every shoot
  • all equipment wiped with alcohol wipes before and after shoots
  • masks worn throughout shoot when indoors or when working close to client/contributor/public for an extended period
  • regular handwashing and use of 70%+ alcohol hand gels throughout shoots
  • use of boom rather than lapel mics
  • insistence that nobody touches any equipment except for director/camera op
  • declaration of health from all attendees immediately before shoot commencement
  • continuing to keep our workplace covid-secure and to strictly follow government social distancing guidelines at all times (include outside work)

If you’re keen to get a project underway but are concerned about any aspects of safety, please get in touch for a ‘no strings’ chat via our contact page.