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Sheffield on Screen: Communicating Our Local Culture Through Film and Video

It’s inevitable that, as a Sheffield-based video production company, we will spend a fair bit of time representing the city we know and love on screen. As the main supplier of video content to The University of Sheffield, one of our roles is to ensure that prospective students know as much as possible about where they might be coming to live and study for at least three years. We’re biased perhaps, but this aspect of our work doesn’t feel at all cynical or ‘hard sell’ given how genuinely in love with Sheffield we are.

I thought it might be nice to collate and provide a collection of our films which promote and celebrate the one and only…Sheffield.

Made at the peak of the ‘Doctor Who is in Sheffield’ madness, this film was scripted by the two English Literature students who also present it. You might not agree with all of their analyses but I can pretty much guarantee you’ll learn something from this one.
Based on a poem written by the presenter, this is a whistle-stop tour of Sheffield locations that matter to students. This film packs an emotional punch for anyone who’s lived here and had to leave.
Sheffield is a multicultural, international, outward looking and incredibly welcoming city. Jeff is from Taiwan and your heart will melt when you hear what he thinks of our city and the welcome he’s been given here.
A very short and frantic social media video about one of the highlights of Sheffield’s summer calendar.
This one’s a bit older but includes miniature llamas so…

You can find more films about Sheffield, higher education and lots more besides (we don’t ONLY work for universities :)) at our Vimeo page.