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Our Investment in Sheffield Renewables

Today, Sort Of…Films purchased shares in a local social enterprise called Sheffield Renewables. They are dedicated to developing and supporting renewable energy schemes across Sheffield and you can find out exactly who they are and what they do here –

This is just one small step amongst many that we’re taking on our journey towards being as environmentally-conscious and responsible an organisation as possible. We often shout about our preference for working with clients who take environmental responsibility seriously and on projects which allow us to help tell positive stories about action on climate change, biodiversity, sustainability and social justice. Today, we’re trying to put our money where our mouth is!

Other steps we’re taking include continually reducing our carbon footprint through changes to working methods and the transport and equipment we use (for example, we now exclusively use top of the range LED lights rather than the power-hungry tungsten equivalents). Overnight and over weekends, our office power consumption is down to negligible amounts. We have never been a significant producer of waste and are good recyclers within the office, but we’re doing what we can to reduce waste further by now only using rechargeable batteries across all equipment.

With Trump’s choice of Scott Pruitt (a climate denier) as his Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency in the US and the world teetering on the brink of missing key carbon reduction milestones as it is (, there’s possibly never been a more important time to think about our impact and take actions at work and at home.