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Green Filming

Sort Of…Films Ltd have a particular interest in green filming … environmental/green/sustainability issues and as such, we have committed to reducing our environmental impact in the office and on location in as many ways as possible.

The Code of Best Practises for Sustainable Filmmaking is a good place to start if you want to find out more about the kind of measures we have in place.

Clients such as The Conservation Volunteers, Sheffield Wildlife Trust, the WWF, Yorkshire and Humber Environment Forum, The Big Lottery Fund, ITM-Power, The Environment Room, Sheffield City Council and The University of Sheffield have all asked us to produce films for them with an environmental focus.

We are also currently developing and shooting several short and feature-length documentaries which tackle issues of environmental sustainability and social justice.

Produced by Design Now, Your Climate, Your Business is a fantastic read for anyone interested in marketing their business as sustainably as possible and by using techniques and approaches that hope to embed sustainable decision-making in your customers’ purchasing habits.