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Client Case Study: SEAMS Ltd

The Analytics Journey

SEAMS Ltd are a Sheffield-based company with a global reach in the fields of ‘Asset Investment Planning’ and ‘Asset Analytics’. They produce industry-leading software which helps organisations within asset-intensive industries (such as utilities companies) to analyse, interpret and predict asset performance.

In fact, that paragraph was pretty ‘asset’ intensive. I’ll try to stop using that word now.

They came to us in December 2012 with a desire to enhance their global marketing reach and online first impressions. Following a period of concept development and a bit of a crash course on our part in terms of the complex language and thought processes at work within the company (and indeed, the industry), we began production of a series of short films, a website to contain and connect the films, a prezi (presentation) version of said website for board rooms and iPads and some additional content for the existing SEAMS Ltd website to point potential and current customers in the direction of the ‘Analytics Journey’ as the project came to be known.

Given that the majority of our video production work is for charities and the voluntary and public sectors, it was great to get to know a very different kind of industry and a different mode of communication.

While our designer and web expert, Richard, began to build up the skeleton of the ‘microsite’ which would hold all of the films, the rest of the team shot and edited staff insights, client case studies, informative discussions from relevant experts and more. Many of the films were shot using a clean, blown-out white space in order that they fit ‘seamlessly’ into the existing SEAMS branding (see what I did there?). A couple of others, such as the film shot at a industry round-table event in Amsterdam, used a greater degree of location cutaways and contextualisation. Overall, the films were intended to reach all of the key decision-makers within relevant organisations (whether they be executives, technicians or analysts) and to provide useful information and debate provocation. SEAMS Ltd have a highly intelligent and evolved communication strategy and they are not interested in the traditional hard sell. They don’t wish to brainwash their clients or force-feed them with their brand, their products, services or messages. They’re much more interested in being genuine thought-leaders within their sector, helping to solve the problems that these organisations face and to lead an ongoing international dialogue around the issues. This was a refreshing attitude and made for a great working relationship and a meaningful collaboration.

The project also required a green-screen shoot for two of the films. We found a suitable studio in central Sheffield and used a professional presenter with autocue to deliver this component. Green screen work can be a bit fiddly and if not executed well, can end up looking very cheesy. With the clean and simple approach of this brief, I think we managed to avoid that problem.

When the films were finished, our main contact at SEAMS Ltd, James Huntingdon said:

“Ed, simply awesome. Just reviewed them all and they are perfect. Great job, thanks.”

We were then able to embed the films within their website alongside additional, downloadable content (including extended videos and audio-only versions of each film). The site was soon live and with an introductory video added to the company’s new landing page, customers began to access the content. We also converted the microsite content into a prezi version for the SEAMS team to use at conferences, client meetings and elsewhere.

Project sign off took place in mid-September 2013. More work with SEAMS is slated for 2014.